Moves never extend outside Canvas

No matter if I set the ExtendMovesOutsideCanvas to true or false, the images never extend outside the Canvas, they always stick to the sides of it. This happens to me while using the MIT AI2 Companion and with the App downloaded to my phone. Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong?

This is intended behavior with respect to sprites. The property in question (as Steve links to in a previous answer of mine) only deals with the touch events as observed by the Canvas's various event handlers.

add the canvas into an arrangement, set the arrangement alignment center and center, set the canvas size bigger than arrangement.
thus, when the Sprite is near the edge of canvas, it is not visible to end user.

It's not clear to me this is the intention. I think it's more that if one drags a sprite that the sprite may extend beyond the Canvas bounds while being moved. However, the Canvas component enforces that the bounding box of a sprite is always contained within the Canvas's bounds. The ExtendMovesOutsideCanvas property is not a solution to this issue since it only deals with the touch events.

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