Move the cursor of a block: HorizontaleScrollArrangement

hello I have a question: is it possible to move the cursor of a block: HorizontaleScrollArrangement with the blocks?

Have a look at ColinTree’s ScrollingArrangement Extension

This may provide the functionality you are looking for ?

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ok thank you i will try

hello, I worked with the extension (I was not really successful, but I understood the idea), it’s complicated, for the result I’m looking for.
I must have expressed myself badly.
What I am looking to do is:
I have seven buttons (the days of the week), they are in a horizontal scroll, I display only three).
what I would like is: that the button of the day is in the center in relation to the system day.
I do not know if it is really feasible.
thank youSans titre

Use the ScrollTo or ScrollBy blocks to set the position

See attached an example that places the button for “today” in the centre, using ColinTree’s ScrollingHandler Extension.
(You may need to change the “days” to French in the days list if your locale setting is French)

ctScrollDemo.aia (28.3 KB)

and a version where the button for the day fills the width of the screen

ctScrollDemoFill.aia (28.0 KB)

Study the date math in this project:

hello thank you for your links, however I searched but I did not find that.
I am inspired by: ctScrollDemoFill.aia (28.0 KB)
I modified and adapted it, it works.
I put a photo of the blocks if it can be used for others, (for once I can be of service :-))
thank you