Move task to top

Hello all.
i use UsrAI2Util to move my app to works very well.
but some actions can't be done when my app is in background, it works only if it is in front (for exemple stopping a phone call).
so is there a way to move task to front without resart it ?

Have you made any progress with this. If I am correct, foreground task extensions are very thin on the ground, although i understand that @Kumaraswamy is working on this with the IToO extension...

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If you have defined the activity as singleTask simgleTop then you can call it to foreground by launching activity again with activity starter. The previous state won't be destroyed.

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no progress today with this problem

It's interresting, but how do i define the activity as singleTask with app inventor ?

So the app is in the background. If so, how and when should the app be brought back to the front? Maybe via a still active timer in the app in the background?

If there were a notification when the app has moved to the background, a button could be clicked there that would bring the app back to the foreground.

You will have to edit manifest file.

No, it won't be like that.

My appo receives informations from BT and I want it to change inCall volume or stop phonecall but this doesn't works when my app still in background. so the idea is to push it in front , do those instructions and return in background...

it could be a timer but which instruction (block) will move it in front ?

do you know a tuto to do it ?

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... but how?

i want the app back to front when it receives an information from BT or other but without operator action

ok, i will have a look on it thanks

But does BT work in the background on all Android devices?

I don't know. but it works on mine...

Maybe this gives a hint: