Bluetooth Low Energy in background


I am trying to use the bluetooth low energy extension with a background extension.

I would like to have the phone with the screen off in my pocket (for example) and that the bluetoothLE continues working. Is it possible to use any background or foreground extension to do this? (if possible, free extensions?).

Thank you

The BLE extension isn't really designed to run in the background, so I expect you won't get particularly far with the version we publish. However, all of the source code is available so someone could probably adapt it to work in the background.

Is it possible to add a background/foreground extension to do it?

I've done some work with the integrated Bluetooth client, which for me seemed to work fine, also in the background.

Did you try changing the power settings on your phone?

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But did you try with the Bluetooth Low Energy extension?

I would like to make two different phones connect with the ble even when the app is in the background. Is it possible?

I don't think anyone has tried this before you. Therefore, give it a try and let us know the results.