Move sprite based on rotation (being set to True and the Heading setting)

Hello, i need help in moving my spirit rotation based (simular how you can do it with speed but instand), could someone help me?

Your question is not very clear. Do you want the ImageSprite to rotate at a specific speed?

no like i want simular result to seting speed to value (it will move in certain rotation ) but instatly

You could try:

  • set the Heading of the sprite as indicated below.
  • if the sprite's Rotate is set to true when you set Heading, the Sprite should rotate towards the heading direction you set when you define the Heading.


The ImageSprite’s heading in degrees above the positive x-axis. Zero degrees is toward the right of the screen; 90 degrees is toward the top of the screen.


If true, the sprite image rotates to match the sprite’s heading. If false, the sprite image does not rotate when the sprite changes heading. The sprite rotates around its centerpoint.

ok but i need to use speed and i need to get no deley effect