Move Image Sprite to Canvas Edge

How do I move my sprite image to the edge of the canvas?

Setting the sprite's X to the Canvas Width - 1 didn't work.
The reason why might have to do with the following:
The Canvas is inside of a Vertical Arrangement.
The Vertical Arrangement is not visible by default.
When a Start Button is pressed, the Vertical Arrangement becomes visible.
In the same Event handler, the Sprite X is set to Canvas Width - 1.

Please help!

Have you tried setting Sprite.X to Canvas.Width - Sprite.Width?

I found a work around. It's not the most elegant, but I could care less right now. I tried your method, and it didn't work.

It seems that for some reason, the Canvas.Width is 0, until after the Button.TouchUp event handler runs.

Hi Anh

Depends when you verify the Canvas size - you can't do it in the Screen Initialization Block.

See this Topic, TimAI2's post: