Move a scroll bar

it is possible to move a scroll bar all the way to the left or right when i push a button?

By “move a scroll bar”, do you mean change the position of a scrollable arrangement to the beginning or end?
If that’s the case, use this extension:

Thanks @TimAI2for the link.

Yes, of course


movescrollbar.aia (1.7 KB)

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I think the user meant scroll bar, not slider? (Unless he’s using a slider as scroll bar, I don’t know).

Well, we have both answers now :+1:

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Here’s an example using your own Canvas as scroll bar. I used a Ball as a cursor, but you could as well have drawn a bar as a thumb instead.
Gallery entry:

blocks buttons Capture Color_code_scroller.aia (11.2 KB)

global color_table global colorlist global listOffset global table_text global textList nudgeBall1 Uploading: when any Button Click.png… Uploading: when btnEnd Click.png… when btnRight Click Uploading: when btnstart Click.png… Uploading: when Canvas1 Dragged.png… Uploading: when File1 GotText.png… Uploading: when Screen1 Initialize.png…

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U can check out this thread in kodular it contains highly customized scrolling options

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