Motion Sensor in Mit

I Need a motion extention please. Can anyone make it?


Describe what you exactly want.

What are the required features ?

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Also, you have an Accelerometer Sensor to fulfil your needs.

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how to do it

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Describe what you want to achieve, and what you have tried so far.

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the camera if detected motion, ring alarm

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Something like this maybe. (Not 100% sure. You need to test it.)

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Close, but a little bit off-topic. I believe you are trying to ring alarm when you shake the phone, but the OP wants to ring the alarm when the camera has detected motion. Nice try.

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Brother Shake is a different event. I didn't use that.

Why use the accelerometer when you want the CAMERA to detect motion ?

@TIMAI2 (I don't know why the reply button is not working so I tagged you instead.)

Wait is it possible to detect motion using Camera ?

It has no blocks or properties to do that.

And even if it is done, the accelerometer makes things less complicated.

An extension will be required to handle the motion detection.
You will have seen the motion sensing wildlife cameras ? When they detect motion (an animal comes into range) they start video recording the animal's activity.

Many people now have video doorbells, which will start recording when they detect movement within the range of the camera.

Neither of these would use an accelerometer....


Oh ok.

I thought he wanted to detect his own motion. Sorry, Thank You and Bye. :wave:

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how to do it

this is my question

Create your extension and include the JOpenCV4Android library . This article purports to do part of what you want to do using Android Studio Motion Detection in Android - Howto - CodeProject

Perhaps something similar could be done with App Inventor and an extension.

Or perhaps using the information here Android - camera as motion detector - Stack Overflow

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You could possibly do motion detect with some blocks, a timer and a couple of extensions

or use Taifun's extension:
Camera Extension to take pictures programmatically without user interaction.

  1. Take a picture
  2. Take next picture
  3. Compare the two pictures
  4. If different, do something
  5. Loop

Thanks so much!

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