More than 4000 listed items, will it work?

I am working on an App that has too many content, so I wanna do a list with 4.000 listed items. will it work?? any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Store the data in text files and the text files in the assets of your aop, then load the data on first run of the app, convert it into lists and store the lists in TinyDB for future use


Alternatively store the dara in the local sqlite database...

You could prepare rhe database and import it on first run of the app... let me suggest to use my sqlite extension for this, which offers not only a simple to use import and export functionality, but also follows the KISS principle, kepp it simple, stupid...


Thanks for you answer.... I tried what you said

I tried with many different csv files and I can´t do it.
there was an error it said "It can´t parse the list..." when I put csv that has the content that I need.

I would like to know what would it happen if I make a list with 4.000 listed items in it?

Your items seem to be large and 4000 large items seems to be a lot of text to store as global variables... my guess is, too much data... and with that much data the development environment will get slow...

Just try it and let us know what happens

One of the files is not properly formatted then... you could finfmd out, which one and fix it...


Could you post a screen shot of one of those csv files open in a text editor?

They're probably not CSV tables.