More as 2 actions

can somebody show me how i add more than 2 actions in a string. i wanna add a 3rd and 4th action.

What actions do you mean?

Like this.

but the third one won't work.

Why not? What response do you get back from your web app ?

it says this

the script completed but did not return anything.

thats the last sentence. sorry for the language i am from belgium so i translated it for u.

That is OK, I just translated it too :wink: Seems the script is working, is it not posting the data from barcode scanner 3 ? What is your script doing, posting to a google sheet ? Is there data in the barcodescanner3 text result ? Also you should have some in your script to return....

Also might as why you cannot just use one barcode scanner component for all your actions ?

it is not posting it. it is actually doing nothing. and nope not that i know of . and how do i see that?

and i cannot use one because it will not work then.

Not even like this?

Anyway, back to the matter in hand.

Have you republished your script after adding the code needed for "action2"

It may help if you show your script....

this is my script for the moment. i am kinda new to this so sorry if i don't get something.

No, they are your blocks. I meant your google apps script web app.

this is my script.

Yes, you were not getting a response previously because you were calling "action2" as a parameter, this does not exist in your web app. You now appear to have changed this in your latest blocks.

Nice to see that script doing the rounds again, it pops up on the forum @ every 6 months :slight_smile:

thanks for the help!
i am amazed i didn't saw that XD

it still doesn't work even if i adjusted it.

this is my script now.

Sorry, you cannot have a doGet2 or a doPost2.

You will have to add more if statements and more functions to doGet and doPost that handle the paremters: action2 = in/out.