More advanced log in page?

I'm making a log in page for an app with a pedometer. This is the interface:

I want, when a user logs in, it retrieves their total steps. So far, I only know how to retrieve the password. I'm not even sure if everything I wrote here might work:

I found this block and I think it might be helpful:

I want to append age and total steps along with the password to the username. How do I do that?

Looks a bit over-complicated.....

Perhaps store as follows:

You will need to do more work with this, but it should provide the basics

:astonished: Thank you so much. Will try it and see how it works

Thanks for the advice, here's what I've done:

and here's my interface, I updated something (that button below the log in):

I'm almost done. What I need help with now is:

  1. How do I check if two users have the same username and warn the new user? I'm not sure how to do that in this program.
  2. I'm not sure what the 'GotValue' program does here
  3. I want to check (in the first if of the when , after the call CloudDB1.GetValue): if the user has an account, I want to retrieve their steps. How do I do that?
  4. Can I use slice list to retrieve the steps? What would I put into the first space on the list block? :
    Screenshot (75)
  1. Call a taglist and compare the entered username against all usernames in the taglist
  1. It returns the tag/value from the call made with the getValue block

  2. Use the taglist again to test if they have an account (their username should be in it) then get their data with a getValue call. You should be storing their steps in that data

You could, but it is probably better to select the steps item by index, or if you have a dictionary then using the "steps" key

Thank you so much. I understand the GotValue now. For the log in page, this is the program I used:

for the next page (with the pedometer), I put this in:

is this right and will it work?

and how do I use the taglist to check if two usernames are the same?: