Monetization : Extension needed Please Help

Hello appinventor users
So i started making apps a time ago , apps that already starts getting installs and review from people .
Now i'm trying To include ads , so i can get some money from apps , in ordre To improve the quality of work buy new laptop and more
I have a good ideas about the ads placement and more
But currently i need an extension To add the ads
I need facebook and admob extension , extension that are fast no vérification needed like license or something ,so the ads work quickly in app without problem
Also if that possible i need the get many ad sizes
Like médium ad ,native ads , 320×250 and and more
I hope someone help me in that .
I really know that needs some money ,but currently my budget is too limited, i have no job , so i can provide only 15$ To 20$
I hope this topic get accepted so i can get help thanks in advance Friends

Please see here:

can you provide facebook ads Extension needed Please Help

Please see this :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: