Mole Mash extra prizes function

Hello everyone!
I created the game Mole Mash with the tutorial available on the main page (I changed the mole to a rabbit so it's a game "catch the rabbit" instead) and everything came ot perfectly. However I wanted to add some extra functions to my game, like showing a prize after reaching a certain score.
For my prizes I prepared 4 pictures of carrots showing one, two, three or four carrots. I want the picture of one carrot to be visible when the user reaches score of 10, two carrots to be visible when they reach the score of 20 and so on.
My problem is: how to make it work like that? I can't find a block to do something like "if the text on the label is ... do show picture 1".
Can anyone help me?
If you want me to explain something more or provide extra information let me know...
I'm new to all of this + it's a school project and I'm pretty desperate :sob: :sob:

Welcome Amelia.

Have you read Programming Your App to Make Decisions . The tutorial shows how to make the decisions.

If score = 10 then Image1.Picture = 1carrot.png
else if score = 20 then Image2.Picture = 2carrot.png

and so on . Exactly what you need to do depends on where your pictures are stored.
Try some Blocks!

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You can add extra else if branches to the if/then using the blue square mutator button in the if/then block.

I like using <= comparison instead of = comparison, to cover more cases between the boundary numbers.

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