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Hi everyone I am looking for a solution when I click on a button I would like to change the quantity of an item in a list without changing the description for example 1 Pizza € 10.00 if I click the same button I would like to have 2 Pizza € 10.00 thanks

Usa Replace item .
Replace item join 2
Select list item

you can give an example thanks

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Here is a small example of what you might do
incOrder.aia (2.9 KB)

thanks for the example but I would like to click on a button and add an item to a list but when I click on the same button I increase the quantity of the list item

You can ask the user what qty of product they want to add in the cart. Then when added, you can replace the add to cart button with 1 "+" button and 1 "-" button to change the qty further.

I already do so I would like that at the time of taking the order if I have two identical pizzas click on the same button and result in two pizzas

Here is a sample for you to study ...

I found an easier way but I can't delete the previous one

Another method


thanks it works how can I eliminate the brackets

Replace this:

with this:

This will leave the order list untouched


A thousand thanks

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