Moderators, Please help me!

@moderators Please help. @The_bull Is black mailing me that I shall give my (all) extension's source code else he'll decompile it and sell it in double price. (My price x 2)
He just now created an account to download my extensions and decompile it. Please help, its urgent.

For your Info, he is a big and intelligent decompiler...

@Anke, @SteveJG ???

Let's talk in PM.

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Moderators, this is the screenshot Aquib messaged me.

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Hello Aquib - remove your files to make them inaccessible. What account do you refer to? Git Hub?

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MIT App Inventor Community. @Aquib_Khan account...

Hmm, But it will not work in community, as he can download them from post revisions

Would be very difficult to access that account, but if you are concerned about your extensions, delete them from the Extensions page.

Thanks @TIMAI2 and everyone for their time.
Now this problem is resolved.


My hardwork is now completely safe because of these type of super fast and kind power users.

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But why will someone purchase them on double price? :thinking:


I don't know.

It is still possible to download extensions / other files from this community without an account.


Yes, also by creating different accounts.
BTW, I am afraid that he doesn't create any another account.

without an account - do you understand ?


It's illegal to infringe Copyright in any country. That means, if anyone decompiles your extensions without your permission, they are illegal.

Aquib, your extensions are your work. You can decide whether you make the extensions open source or nor. Nobody else is allowed to duplicate or modify your extension source codes without your permission. To let you know how serious this is, in Hong Kong, if someone copies your source code and distributes it without your permission, this is going against the law, and they could be charged with a fine of about 6,500 USD and imprisonment of up to 4 years. Treat your extensions as your own.

It is possible to decompile and convert extensions into Java code, unfortunately I would neither do that nor post the method because this is an ethical issue.


Great, all we have to do now is find the identity of the person who would have been responsible.

Wait a minute....

Unfortunately, given the amount of anonymity possible on this website, it's very easy to get away with such nefarious acts. Just because they can get convicted doesn't necessarily mean they will get convicted; and identity is a huge playing factor in cases like this.

This is why, in my opinion, this topic should be made more widespread. Even a renowned extension developer could fall into such traps, when the infringer is more experienced and actually knows what they're doing.



We cannot talk to the suspended user, but @The_bull, if you are reading this post, then please beware: decompiling and copying source codes without the permission of the developer is both unethical and illegal, no matter if you are in the US, India or anywhere. We don't like to see a user being suspended in his/her first day, but we also do not want to see these behaviours in our community. Although we have some extension developers who likes to make their extensions open source, some do not because of different reasons. It's not fair if you decompile the extensions, because extension developers work hard to make extensions for you. Imagine working a month for only 1 extension.

If you really want to sell extensions, I suggest you to learn Java and make extensions yourself. You can ask, not threaten Aquib about how he makes the extensions or some Behind The Scenes content.

Decompilers were first meant to do good things. In this tutorial Taifun showed how to rename the package name by decompiling. Please use decompilers for good purposes. Thank you.


I am also an Extension Developer and I know how much efforts we have to make for extension development
It is not easy and also we all post extensions here for your welfare so that you can use and reduce the code and also the things that seems impossible by in built blocks is possible by extensions



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