Mobile IOS MIT App - QR CODE not loading


I have made an app via the MIT website and tried building the project using the QR Scan feature for my phone to scan in the app. But the problem is the APP recognizes and scans the QR code but just hangs without loading anything? It even shows the web code from the QC code but doesn't load the program?

You have to tell more about your project. Does it contain large images? Maybe extensions?

Hi, it is just an IOS bluetooth connecting app using the below link :

Bluetooth isn't fully supported yet on iOS.

Oh thats annoying as my final degree is based on bluetooth! Does any bluetooth code work at all on IOS? Or a possible android emulator?

This is from May 10th.

See bluetooth on an android emulator - Google Search

which indicates you cannot use bluetooth with virtually any emulator.

Suggest you borrow an old Android cell that is no longer used and the service contract is expired. Android's without a service contract generally work for development using Companion and bluetooth.

Hi Thanks for the advise I have seen IOS comes with an app called "LightBlue" which is for connecting to bluetooth sensors etc... Otherwise I may have to acquire an old android phone!