MIT X Esp32 unpairing issue

esp32 boards have started to experience unpairing for no reasons.

what is happening i am not able to understand.

Battery running down?

RF interference?

esp32 is being powered by a cable and i don't think so there is any type of interference from any side of the sensors as all the sensor i am using are analog sensor of 5v level which i have to manually convert to 3.3v reference.

and esp32 is not getting disconnected it just unpairs itself after i connect and use it once. it keeps on happening randomly.

In a previous post of yours you were asking how to remotely switch-off the ESP32 because, once installed, you could not have access any longer to the ESP32 and my suggestion was to use a relay and a message.
This (inaccessibility) means also that for a long time your app does not exchange messages with the ESP32 ? If so, it is normal that after a certain time of inactivity the BT client considers itself disconnected.
Therefore I cannot figure it out how your ESP32 can become unpaired but not disconnected:
"esp32 is not getting disconnected it just unpairs itself "
Have you implemented a periodical handshake message between your app and the ESP32, so to maintain "alive" the communication ?

Sorry for the confusion.

While I am using my esp and app it doesn't disconnects now which used to happen alot earlier.

Now what happens is after using it when I disconnect the esp and then try to reconnect to esp the device automatically remove it self from paired list. Why is doing it ? How it is doin it ? I am not able to understand that.

Thanks for the reply.

Ah ok, now I got it :grin:
In some application of mine, I use the ESP32 connected to the app via (classic) BT for hours, and everything works well without "unpairing" problems.
But this does not help you, I agree.
What I can suggest is to try to NOT disconnect the client,from app side. In other words, when you cease to communicate between app and ESP32, don't "disconnect" the client. Just cease the transmission from app side. Probably in this case the ESP32 remains paired though disconnected because it remains "pending" waiting fro a message that does not arrive, so, after a timeout, the client (ESP32) will disconnect itself, but it will not unpair.
(it's just an hypotesis).
Best wishes.

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Thanks alot for this approach I can try it and hope it works for me :slight_smile:

I keep my fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: