Mit translator wolof

Good morning everyone, I encountered a problem making an app.
Yesterday I did 3 translators, one from Italian to Dutch, one from Italian to French and one from Italian to Russian, all working well.
However, when I tried to do it from Italian to Wolof (which Yandex should support with WO), it always gives me a 501 error which I have already encountered in the past with other languages because in the code I had written ITA instead of IT in the languages to translate field.
I sincerely thank anyone who can help me


are you sure that language is supported? the error seems to say that no.
Overview | Yandex Translate API

Wolof isn't supported by Yandex (nor Google Translate). I dare say the reason is that only a minority of people use the language in written form - Wikipedia says that is about 5 million people. Mind you, very few people write in Scottish and that is supported.

To add another language to a translator is a big task since several human translators need to help translate to all the existing languages supported: 93 in Yandex, 137 in GT.

If you do a Google Search for "Italian to Wolof" you will find several translators available, so you can research those.