Mit send and read data at the same time

can mit read and send data at the same time?

i don’t know

In what context ? please give more details...

Read and send data using thingspeak

Have you resolved all your issues here:

No…it still null…it happen because i try to send data to thingspeak using mit apps…so the reading value from thingspeak become null…mit cannot read value from thingspeak anymore…before this…it work well but after i try to send data to thingspeak using mit…it broken

Did you try ABG’s revise aia project ?

It’s possible that thingspeak can’t accept send and receive at the same time to-from the same device anyway. Thingspeak certainly does work with App Inventor Apps, lots of students have used it to demo their final project. If your App is to be commercial, better to have your own website.

Yesss…thank you…because i realize that people create two different channel from thingspeak …one for read and another one for send data…:ok_hand::ok_hand::blush:

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