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Hi, it seems to me that the Inventor app for PC and Mac can now be downloaded from here

and the mobile app from here

i wanted to ask you, I made an application on mit inventor from windows and it downloaded the apk for me
how do I make the same application on ios can I import the one made from windows?

i wanted to ask you, I made an application on mit inventor from windows and it downloaded the apk for me
how do I make the same application on ios can I import the one made from windows?

Use the aia you made for Android but use the ios Companion to link to the aia. Presently you can not install the ios app in your ios device but you can test the code provided that your Android app does not use extensions or controls not presently available for ios devices.

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Hi steveJg

sorry I can create an app with

on macbook and save it to install on my iphone

for windows I save it in apk and install it on android
It is possible to save it from iOS in a format to then install on the iPhone mobile phone

Recompile your app built for Android using iOS Companion. You cannot currently install the ios app on your ios device.

Sorry, it is not yet possible to Build the app. Only a small number of individuals who are testing the ios tools can do that. Perhaps possible in a few more months.

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Thanks Steve, so i can load the aia made by windows into the Mit Inventor of the Mac and Save it in an IOS format to be uploaded on the iphone , correct

I would like to clarify that there is no such thing as "App Inventor for Windows" or "App Inventor for Mac." App Inventor is a web-based development environment for creating mobile apps. The packaged software on our website is solely the emulator/USB support for live testing in environments where people cannot use an Android/iOS device over wifi.

Separately, there is the build infrastructure that runs at MIT on a cluster of Linux (Android) and macOS (iOS) machines. When you compile your app using one of the options from the Build menu, your project is sent to one of those machines to be compiled for the desired platform. Therefore, the operating system you are using has no bearing on building an app for the target platform since that's all handled by MIT-owned hardware.

So to answer your question, yes you will be able to build an iOS app while using Windows once the functionality is generally available.


thanks for the reply, I wanted to know if I can save an application created on iOS as an extension to install it on the iPhone. on Windows I can download the file with apk extension and install it on Android

No, there is no build server for iOS yet, and this has nothing to do with the OS of your PC or Mac (Windows / Apple's OS).

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thanks, to be clear so I can't save an app with Mac app extension that can be installed on the iPhone , correct


this is penalizing not being able to install apps on mobile iOS devices when it is possible?

The team at MIT is working hard to implement iOS build support; it is still in the testing phase (and will be for a while).

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thank you very kindly. so currently with mit inventor you cannot create and install applications on ios mobile devices

Hi, do you think it is possible to convert an apk created with mit inventor to iPa? If I convert it to iPa, would the applications created with mit inventor and saved in apk continue to work by installing it on an iPhone?


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This will be possible in the future, but you will have to pay for an apple developer account.

To convert an APK to IPA?
I do not think so. There are completely different build servers for Android and iOS.

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I'm replying to another post in which he asks if he will be able to download the compiled file on iOS, as is now the case with the Android apk. In the future it will be possible to create an IPA file. But it won't be as easy as APK because it will require a paid Apple account.

I think that's what he was asking. Only later did he ask about converting from apk to ipa, which is obviously not possible.