Mit Companion crashes when opening a screen a second time

I have 3 screens in total, a menu, a play area or screen1, and a shop, when starting from the menu before launching companion, I can go to the play area, when clicking on menu button, I can go to the shop, then I can also exit the shop, if I press the notification that pops up to go back to the shop, it crashes, it also does this when you go to shop through notification and then try going through menu button, I've spent the last couple of days trying to fix this but still can't figure it out, can someone please help me
TU_copy.aia (1.9 MB)

Your Screen switching is crossed.

All these blocks are in Screen1:

When you request Menu via Notifier2, you close Screen1 and your app closes.

I would move all Menu functionality into a hidden Vertical Arrangement in Screen1, using stacked vertical arrangements instead of screens.

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