MIT AppInventor solely targeted for children approved by Google Family Policy

Hi , I am new to the community. Tried to search this topic but could not find my answer. I want help in knowing if it is possible to build an app in MIT App Inventor solely targeted for children (below 13 yrs) and publish it on Google Play Store which is approved by Google Family Policy ? It seems new policies of Google Play Store does not allow any type of IDs/SDKs to be sent on the internet even though the app doesn't collect any data. Pls help, Thank you in advance. (Pls tag the post if it is already answered.)

What exactly is your problem, what kind of app is it and what message do you get from the Play Dev Console?

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Thanks @Anke for your reply.
Actually I am using another platform for my student's app which was on PlayStore till now. Due to recent Google Policy updates the app might be removed from the Store as the platform has inbuilt SDKs etc which cannot be avoided even though we do not send or collect any data from the users( in this case only children) in the app. The following are the issues as sent by Google. So I was wondering if my student can shift his app to MIT App Inventor and can then publish it if it is possible to make an all kids app , I wanted to be sure so that he does not have to face the disappointment again if he goes ahead with MIT App Inventor
I hope I am clear with my query, Pls help.

And again:


Sorry I did not answer that previously. It is an app for small children where they can learn alphabets, numbers and shapes, they can also go to nursery rhymes links in the app which take them to youtube/ using webviewer there.

What about ads?
YT for kids: Understand YouTube & YouTube Kids options for your child - Google For Families Help

We do not use any ads/ad components in the app, neither monetisation, only YouTube links which open. But yes when those links open , ads can be there as thats the case with any youtube video.
Adding to YT for kids reference here, will that not count to any Device IDs being sent then? as anyways we will have to use Webviewer or open link component, because even that is not allowed by Google. Pls correct me if I am wrong

Hi could pleas some one help here ?

A guess is Google does not like your links to YouTube videos in apps that comply with the Google Family Policy. Eliminate the url calls to the videos and you may satisfy Google.
You can test by reapplying after you get rid of the youube stuff and see what happens.

You might ask Google. You are trying to satisfy their policy, not App Inventor's.