MIT Appinventor, Bluetooth and "How to Mechatronics" video

I'm working throught this helpful YouTube video on setting up Bluetooth comms between Android and Arduino, from the excellent "How to Mechatronics" channel

@4:01 in the video the ListPicker under HorizontalArrangement2 suddenly changes to "BluetoothList". I assume this was not just a rename, but also somehow associated the relevant Bluetooth blocks (as shown later in the first few steps in Blocks editor @4:20). How do I make this association?

In my design If I just rename the ListPicker to BluetoothList the Blocks @4:20 do not appear when I switch to the Blocks editor and select the Bluetooth ListPicker.
What steps am I missing?

That 7 year old video is new to us.

More recent materials can be found on this board.

Thanks but too much info to wade through. I'm really just asking how to associate blocks from the bluetooth client with a ListPicker?

The name is not important, you can leave any name for the ListPicker component. Below the list of components there is a Reneme button which is used to rename the component.

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i confirm what @Patryk_F has just answered you: the author of the video is "renaming" (this is what he says) the components in a more suitable way to recognize them from the Blocks page, therefore the ListPicker is renamed BluetoothList.

After fiddling around in the app I found how to this issue can be resolved. My question wasn't about renaming, only "how to associate blocks from the bluetooth client with a ListPicker?" as no blocks were appearing in my Block editor view. However if I click on items on the left pane in the Blocks editor the blocks re-appear, if I click again they dissappear. So they are just toggled on/off and they were there all along, just hiding.

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