Mit app to excel

Hi guys, i want to make an android project for my work.

my arduino will read temperature sensor and send it to android app (this problem is clear).
my android apps will send that temperature value to my callibration form (in excel file)

Can I send that temperature value to specific cell in excel? For example my android apps directly send data to cell C4 in excel.

I already try so many times, but i can't. I've managed to send data from android to excel, but it always fills cell A1. I can't change it to C4

Anyone can help?

Show us how you fill cell A1

Maybe this brand new extension helps:

I'm following this tutorial in youtube, and its always make new document and fill Cell A1

go check this link below

hello, i already read this link, but it's not help enough. can you give more explanation?

You can not change a specific cell, you can write a csv file like this
When you open this file with excel you can find the value d in C4

in which part I have to write like this? can you explain more?

Quit surprise to see post was marked as flag. I just conveyed the alternate suggestion.

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