Mit app send day and time schedule and arduino does action based on NTP or RTC

Hello, i need to have dynamic UI with 7 days of week and 24 hours to select as ON and OFF .. sending this one time to arduino ... and arduino take action based on the NTP of the day.

  • like MIT app i choose WednesdayS 6 am till 8:15 pm and MondayS 1:20 pm till 3:40 pm .. one click to send this to arduino .. close the mit app for now... finally arduino keep tracking internet time from the wifi .. once it is monday 1:20 ... relay on ... at 3:40 relay off ... same for Wednesday ...etc ... should this be list picker ? then i send fixed format to arduino ? like moday at1:20 till 3:40 as A01200314 , and wednesday 6 till 8:15 as C060815 ..etc then arduino compare that to time from wifi NTP and take action ? .. any sample P L E A S E ? highly appreciated
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