MIT app run-time error

Hello everyone. Please I need help on this.

Attached above is a screenshot of an app I made earlier;- the error message and the blocks where the for each item function was used. The purpose is to get values which I tagged sales from a tinyDB via a bluetooth connection to an arduino board and print that value on a label in form of rows of sales with an index attached. The problem is, when I initially installed the app, there were no error message but after it receives the first data from the bluetooth module to display in the list, it gave this error message. Please I really need clearance on what is going on and how it can be resolved. I have initially declared/initialized the global sales variable as an empty list. Why is the error message saying item is not a list even though I explicitly initialized it as a list?.

Sorry, I would have attached the relevent .aia file but I am using a mobile phone, so when I built the app, the only options available were .apk and .aab file.

connect AICompanion, right click on global sales, run 'do it', show us the result.

The bug is probably where you add items to sales.