Mit app invertor to save the data log to the csv formate

I need to display the values from the Arduino Bluetooth UUID Classics.

Send back to Arduino from app.

The data log should be saved in CSV format.

I connected to the Bluetooth devices, but error is litst item to large.

not response the app to arduino coomunication.
kiq_s65.ino (11.2 KB)
KIQ.aia (203.9 KB)
Please help me to solve my requirement.


I suggest adding a bit of logging to your app to see what it is receiving:

In this case, I used your Textbox1 as a log of incoming stringValues lists.

Your text manipulations of the list stringValues are futile.
It is already in the form of a list, so just select item 1.

You seem to be expecting a '*' delimiter in your strings.
Where in your .ino file do you send '*' characters to BLE?

In your dump='2' branch of the if/then/elseif block, you use the variable list but have not loaded it from the incoming data.

Thank you for replaying .
now its better to receive the values from Arduino but not split the values. the error is bad argument to
please give your feedback .
we can not sent massage to Arduino .
please give your feedback.


In those sprintf calls, the '+' format mark is causing trouble downstream.

See if removing them helps.

There is also a Is Number math block you can use to check the list items in the mean calculator and a Length of List block to avoid short lists.

Inspect and Notify early, to avoid trouble later.

SORRY i can not understand,

is it correct?


You say that to remove * in the Arduino program. Is it correct?
Then how we can split the value?

No, look at the center of each red X I made.

I was X-ing out the '+' characters.

The '+' characters are leaking through into the output stream somehow.

If you can't see the difference between '+' and '*', use the Windows Magnifier (Win-+) key.

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