MIT App Inventor's Proxy offline?

I was trying to use the MIT AI2 Companion app and I received the following message:

and when I try to download the .apk file:

Does anyone have a solution to this?
Thank you for reading, hope this gets solved quickly :slight_smile:

It looks to function normally for me.


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But why couldn't I download the .apk file?

Where are you working from? At home, school?

From school, my classmates have also tried to use MIT AI2 Companion, unsuccessfully. It had been working until this morning, though...

Maybe school has blocked some ports that App Inventor needs.

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Update: I managed to fix the problem, its cause was my laptop's antivirus, blocking the connection to the ports used for SSDP. After disabling the firewall, the MIT AI2 Companion works normally.


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