MIT APP Inventor + WIFI ESP8266 + Arduino - Send numeric value from APP to Arduino

hello, I would like an orientation.

I saw several projects that integrate APP Inventor with Arduino,
unfortunately I only found projects where data from arduino sensors
are replicated on the mobile screen or actuators are turned on or off.

Would anyone know of an example where the mobile APP can pass a value
to an Arduino variable?

For example, turning on a lamp if the level of the photoresistor is
less than x, and the value of x is can be changed on the application
screen (typing the value or using a slider, etc.)

Any help is welcome



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For which flavor of BlueTooth?
Or for WiFi?

Sorry, via WIFI on esp8266 (no NodeMCU version)


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If you would like to have full control over ESP, send and read data. Also be able to control ESP remotely, e.g. from work, read about the MQTT protocol. There is a nice MQTT extension for appinvwntor and lots of libraries for arduino. There are also many free mqtt brokers (servers) available. You can also create your own server, e.g. using the android application. This way you can also control esp from e.g. the google assistant.

you may be interested to look at this example I had put in the gallery.
It's in French and it shows how to switch a LED on and off using App Inventor and an ESP8266.

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Your link is not a GalleryID link, so it is available only to you.

Here is an example of a Gallery link:

Notice the GalleryId in the URL.

You can get the Gallery link for your app at the SHARE option in your Gallery home page for your app, at the bottom above the description.

Thank you.
Here it is.
Hope this time it's ok.

How is this possible. Please explain. Thank you

Did you find a way to send a numeric value from APP to Arduino?
I am trying to do the same.

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I got the same problems

Here is English translated Wifi Led control project, But I am still trying to write correct code for Nodemcu
Also I will have to findout How to upload LEDWifi_ESP_BIJ_1Aia Project file here for community