MIT App Inventor version nb183a coming soon

Hello everyone,

We will be publishing MIT App Inventor version nb183a soon. This release includes a new companion to address a bug in the BackPress event. You will not need to update your companion unless you are using that feature in a project. Here’s a list of the changes since nb183:

  • Add a prompt to enter the name of a screen when deleting in order to prevent accidental deletions of screens. Also make a checkpoint of the project by default as a means of letting people recover screens. (Thanks @beinganonymous)
  • Fix an issue where property validators would report errors when selecting multiple components with conflicting property values.
  • Fix an issue where overriding the BackPress event would still allow people to go back (thanks @conorshipp)
  • Fix an issue where a description or title set on a Polygon in the design view would not show in the info box
  • Fix an issue where block expand/collapse actions were not being recorded in the undo/redo stack
  • Fix a bug where clicking on a block while the backpack was open would add the block to the backpack (thanks @BeksOmega)
  • Add an ApiKey property to the YandexTranslate component so users can provide their own API key, if desired.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead software engineer, MIT App Inventor
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


To follow up. We are planning to release nb183a tonight (April 10th).


Release nb183a is now out.

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