MIT App Inventor Testflight on iOS

I have received an invite to use the Test Flight app on my iPad. I want to use in my class since we have iPads for our school. How can i receive a code to allow the install on my class set of iPads? I need a code for at least 15 iPads if possible. Who at MIT app inventor support can help? The email is from a no-reply acct.


Hi @LaShandia_Hill,

Are you teaching a particular curriculum?

Yes, PLTW App Creators.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to start our curriculum due to this problem.
PLTW suggests using Android tablets. Our school has iPads. The emulator doesn't work with our school laptops, so we really want to make use of our resources and utilize the iPads. We actually received a code for one iPad back in March 2020, but then everything went virtual. Now that we are actually in person this semester at our school, I would like to use our iPads.

I've sent you a message privately with follow up.

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Hi @ewpatton and @LaShandia_Hill .

I have the same problem that @LaShandia_Hill have. All our students have iPads and we make large use in the classroom.

In my case i want to aply the Coolthink@JC curriculum .

I need help to enable the application of this curriculum allowing them to test their apps on their iPads.

This will be amazing.