Mit app inventor takes a lot of time to load a project

So when i enter the mit app inventor and select a Project to open, it says a script stopped working on this page. But i keep waiting and after 20 - 30 mins it opens my leatest Project that i were working.
My computer is new and dont have heavy things running in background, so idk what to do.

Help :frowning:

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How many screens do you have in your project?

10 screens

If you share the project with us we can run an analysis on it to determine what might be causing the problem. I would expect an app with 10 screens to load in under 30 seconds.

im new could u tell me a way to share it? btw the my app its on portuguese language dont mind it XD

If you are on the project list, check the box next to the project name and select Export Project (.aia) to My Computer from the My Projects menu.

Done. Do I need to send it here?
if so how?

click the upload button here on the community and select the .aia file you have downloaded before.

im sorry but where is that button? i cant seen to find it...
like i said im sorry if ur getting annoyied

when you click reply you should have this pannel:
click the symbol with the arrow and a "box" under it, last symol from 2nd section

Note, you can also drag and drop the file into the text box to upload it.

it says its too big

upload it to google drive, click share and select "anyone with the link", now paste it on the reply.

here u go!

so what happened? u find the error?

Why not be patient? You posted it 12 minutes ago. If users have time they will look into it.

taked 30 seconds like @ewpatton said

so that could me like my computers problem?

Maybe you should make your images not so big

Remove the last three and see what happens.

okay! imma test it.