MIT APP INVENTOR SITE SERIOUS PROBLEMS. Corrupted files and building app failures

In the last two weeks I have had serious problems compiling and saving files on the app inventor site. Sometimes while I change versions and modify the applications, some blocks stop working or do not work correctly. Even the ones that haven't been modified. Redoing the app again exactly to the previous one and changing its name to another, the app works correctly. Obviously there is a failure in the storage systems(corrupted files) of the site, server transit problems or some hacking on. Has this happened to someone? Is there any solution?

Sorry you are having issues Gabriel.

When lots of Project building activity is in progress developers may experience building failures. Usually one can wait and try again and issues disappear.

It is not likely that

There are thousands of users. No one else is reporting this Gabriel. Issues usually occur when there are Internet provider issues, router issues, and yes, even issues with a developer's code Blocks, (usually when there are thousands of Blocks in a project).

What kind of Project and how large a Project are you developing when you experience these issues? Lots of Blocks? Does this happens with a small Project. You might wish to share your Blocks.

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