MIT App Inventor session by 2 Master Trainers @ TA-RG-ETSamskritam

World's FIRST Sanskrit hackathon - - will have MIT App Inventor session by 2 Master Trainers


So the hackathon, should we need to make app is Sanskrit?

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Watched on youtube live. Thanks. We couldn't ask questions and get the links shared on webex chat.

  1. Please share the links you shared on chat in webex session.
  2. Also how do we join the slack channel?
    Am working on two apps. One of them is getting ready (did by coding web-apps in notepad). The other one I am planning to use App Inventor and check the same.
in case you need "emulator" -
one i use for quick web-based tool "devanaagari" to "roman" :slight_smile:

2 Likes for connecting over email :slight_smile:

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धन्यवादः | link is not working. Tried .ca instead of .ga and it too is not working. Please share the link for templates - sanskrit code and ghati

धन्यवादः IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club and @Harsh_Thakkar ! Nice initiative!
It was a nice experience teaching App Inventor to such motivated audience! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

that link is to be used from the MIT App Inventor (for repository - templates) ... as explained in the session/video - but have now even put some more reference on the main page too - description and screenshot :slight_smile: - with link to 'workshop' recording - jayatu samskritam! - codeSanskrit (


One more useful resource,

Google Input Tools is a great way to transliterate from Roman to Devnagari script characters.
It is also possible to install Google Input Tools extension for Chrome and Chromium browsers.

Google Input Tools includes Sanskrit language and provides word suggestions too. Really useful tool.


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