MIT App Inventor Runs on Mac Successfully, but Ant Tests Fail

Hello, MIT App Inventor Community,

I successfully built and launched App Inventor on my Mac. The build server also functions well (I was able to create an apk file and launch it on my Android phone and to test an iOS app on my iPhone). However, when I ran ant tests, they failed because of the following error:

[exec] xcodebuild: error: Failed to build workspace AppInventor with scheme SchemeKit.: Cannot test target “SchemeKitTests” on “My Mac”: SchemeKitTests does not support My Mac’s platform:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? I will be very grateful for your response. :smiling_face:

Hi @Maria_Chemerys,

Usually this error occurs if you haven't installed the latest iOS simulator runtime in Xcode. If you haven't changed any iOS related code (that is, in schemekit/, components-ios/, or aicompanionapp/), then you can also skip the iOS tests with ant -Dskip.ios=true tests. If you're specifically looking to test iOS functionality, I'd recommend doing it in Xcode since if tests fail it often will point you to the specific test and/or let you set breakpoints for debugging.