Mit app inventor randomely deleting my code

I used to have a lot of code in my MIT APP Inventor, but when I logged in again, most of my code are missing. I have clicked on the save button every couple of minutes when I am coding... I have really worked on this project for over 70-80 hours, and it is just heartbroken to see everything being deleted. Are the codes automatically saved on the MIT APP cloud? If so, how can I get access to a technical person?
Thank you, and I really hope that my problem could be solved.

Sorry to hear that. I assigned one of the developers to this topic. Is the code of one project missing or are you missing several projects?

Are you using the server at

Did you make backups of your most important projects. This is always a good habit.

All editing of your project happens locally. Whenever you make a change, a timer is set for 5 seconds in the future to trigger a save to the server. So for example, if you open a project in App Inventor and turn off your internet connection, you can edit as much as you please but nothing will get saved due to the lack of connectivity. If you are in an area with spotty internet service, then it is possible to experience some lossy behavior since not every save succeeds. Another potential concern with using is that if you have a particularly large blocks workspace and a slow connection you may bump into the hard one minute timeout enforced by Google's servers. The largest blocks workspace that I've seen in App Inventor weighs in at over 55 MB (!), and on a 56 kbps modem would require over 1000 seconds to send, which obviously won't work. In this case, you may want to migrate your project over to, which is more lenient in these matters.

Unfortunately, until we know more about how you're using App Inventor, we won't be able to advise you.

Yes I am using the ai2 server. Previously, I have tested multiple versions of the app by making apk files, and they've worked all fine, which means that it had been saved properly. So is it possible that my code is still saved somewhere?

let me suggest you to backup important projects frequently... the more important the project, the more frequently you should backup...
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