MIT app inventor limitations for a commercial project?

Hi!! I am planning to launch an IOT product for commercial use. So a software is required to control the product over the internet using android and Iphone. The application must be user customizable, for example the user can open the app, make an account, then add a device, name the switches he wants to control etc etc. Can such an application be developed using App inventor?

I have very little knowledge of programming and software.

App Inventor can do it Ammar - you will need to go through the tutorials to get acquainted with it, and seek-out projects on this forum that are similar to yours.

When it comes to the time to define your own project, sketch the GUI (graphical user interface) on paper, along with notes on which should do what. Try to ensure you have all points covered before you begin to code, and stick to two rules:

  1. Keep it lean and mean
  2. Keep It Simple Stupid

Thankyou Christopher