MIT App Inventor Issue

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Has anyone having a problem with app inventor recently? I am facing an issue particularly in building APK file. It takes several minutes and sometimes hours before the build progress bar to appear. I have to refresh the site many times before I can build the app. After building the app, the changes that I made to my blocks does not applied to the app. I am facing this issue since yesterday. I hope someone would help me on how to solve this particular issue. Thank you in advance.

You are testing your app by installing apk with every change?
You need to use AI2 Companion to test your app.


Hello @Kevinkun , yes I am testing the app using my android device. If you may, can you send me the link where I can download AI2 Companion, please? Hoping for your kind response and thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the response @Kevinkun..

lol, i haven't know this function until reading your message accidently,
thx :joy::joy::joy::joy:

had wasted much time :frowning:

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