MIT App Inventor is a GSoC 2021 organization

We're happy to announce that we've been accepted as a mentor organization for Google Summer of Code 2021!

The student application period for Summer of Code runs from March 29 - April 13. You MUST apply with Google as well as with us, or we will not be able to consider your application. You can learn more about the program from Google here:

Until then the application period opens, interested students are welcome to explore our project and learn how best to contribute. If you're interested in learning more about our project, let me refer you to our earlier post here: Introduction to Google Summer of Code 2021

I want to note that GSoC 2021 positions are half the paid hours that Google offered in previous years. Proposals will need to be smaller in scope, and we will have less time for training once the program begins. 2021 promises to be a learning experience for all of us.