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So I see that there is an MIT app inventor app for iPhone, and I've read that you can't publish apps on the apple marketplace. Can you still build an iPhone compatible app and download it directly to your phone like you can with the android apps? The only reason I ask is because I built a calculator app for my profession and many of my co-workers would like to use it but they all have iPhones and can not. Just trying to figure out how I can share it with everyone. Thanks in advance!

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You can share the project
If you export it as .aia and then they can put it in App Inventor and that's what everyone has but not as an app because at the moment you can't make an app with App Inventor for IOS

Ah okay so they could just access it with the AI companion?

If they have the .aia file yes

Hi Android_Creator, how about this statement from the App Inventor? It walks you through the App Store certification and sounds encouraging


Have you done what it says?
You want to upload your application in App Store?

You must go here
And try to upload your .aia file in this server but because I haven't iphone and i can't try if the application is ok Ι can't help you enough
If you get errors building there is a possibility that you will need to rebuild it or delete some blocks/extensions
When your application is ready, you must to do export as .ipa

If you need some help send message

Thanks for getting back to me. I already have an existing project and was thinking about getting a paid plan with Thunkable to build an IOS version. It would be a lot more convenient if I could bypass paying Thunkable and do it with AI. How realistic is it? Do you think I could accidentally import a few incompatible blocks that would crash my app? Let me try what you suggested and see how that's gonna work for me. Again, thanks for such a prompt response

Also, may I kindly ask you to give me a step by step instruction to upload aia file and exporting an already made app as.ipa to experiment with publishing an app to the App Store? Don't get me wrong, I'm familiar with major specifics of AI but it would be a much safer game for me to get an instruction from someone like you who knows what has to be done. Here's my email just in case Funny, but I'm more of an amateur than an appPro:)) thanks a million

Server for android only (build your application as apk and aab)
Server for iOS and android (removed by mod for confusion)

Just to be clear, the iOS build system is highly experimental and we make no claims to its usefulness or that it will continue to exist in its current form.

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If it comes out of Beta then we will be able to export ipa files from the normal server (for androids) right?

Android Creator, no, the link should not work for you. The iOS server can only be used by power users who have an account approved by the MIT and Apple, and registered an Apple device.

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Sorry then :disappointed_relieved:

Android_Creator, I'm still going to try what you suggested just to educate myself and get a new experience. It is quite admirable that you are using your profound knowledge to experiment and share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the Community. I got your messages in my inbox and would love to stay in touch if I have more questions. Have a wonderful weekend!