MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9.3

Hello everyone,

This new version of the MIT App Inventor for iOS companion, version 0.9(3), includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fix a bug where negative integers are coerced to 0
  • Restore width anchor to be intrinsic content width
  • Fix classic theme buttons with background color on iOS 13
  • Fix encoding issues in the Web component’s BuildRequestHeaders function
  • Update default properties on Screen to reflect changes to the public system
  • Fix project not making sound after adding a SoundRecorder component
  • Fix interactions between Label properties: FontBold, FontItalic, FontSize, FontTypeface, and Text
  • Add HTMLContent property to Label
  • Update the internal version number to prevent companion version warnings in App Inventor

Please continue to report issues to us as we continue to work toward general availability.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


How long do you think the public version of ios will be ready?

I don’t think it’s open to the public too see.

Dear Evan,

  1. Are you considering the possibility of increasing the minimum version of Android to Lollipop, which will provide a more modern look elements on the screen and will look more like the iOS? As far as I understand, now devices with Android 2 interface are displayed on device screens, which looks outdated. I understand that there are users with very old devices, but there is currently no big problem with purchasing Android 8.1 devices or installing the Android 7.1 emulator. I think that the transition to Android 5 will be a significant plus.

  2. Are you considering suggestions for improving usability in the App Inventor IDE? I am not talking about design, but about convenience.
    For example, when editing the properties of the Height and Width components, a panel is displayed, after editing the properties in which you need to click OK (or Cancel). It turns out 2 extra clicks - open the panel and click OK. I think it would be more convenient to place the editing elements directly on the property bar so that they can be edited right away. You can also improve some other points, but the main drawback in my opinion is the impossibility of users configuring the IDE using the Stylish plugin, because some structures use scripts rather than styles. For example, it is impossible to reveal all Palette components using a custom style, which would be more convenient for someone to work with.

If you look at the Thunkable X IDE interface, then at some points it is inferior to the convenience of working in the App Inventor IDE, but with the help of a style script I was able to make it more convenient for myself, including the ability to resize the preview area.



Dear Evan,
Will there be a way for an app to detect if it’s running under iOS or Android?

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We likely won't increase the minSDK for some time. We still see a number of connections originating on devices lower than 5.0. You can change the appearance of your apps by switching from Classic theme to Device Default, which will use the Holo theme on Android 3.0-4.4.2 and Material UI on 5.0+.

This is something we will take under consideration when we start our UI/UX work in April.

Yes this is something we're planning to add. I'll see about getting it into the next major feature release for the companion.

Edit: Platform and PlatformVersion PR: Add Platform and PlatformVersion properties to Screen by ewpatton · Pull Request #2038 · mit-cml/appinventor-sources · GitHub

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È un po’ di tempo che non uso AI e quindi non conosco a che punto è la piattaforma per iOS … quando c’era la raccolta fondi, ho dato il mio poccolo contributo … ma quindi ora esiste? Se volessi usarla? Posso avere info?

Non c’è nessuno che sa dirmi qualcosa??


@PiERO MIT is still developing ios for App Inventor 2. They are making progress but progress is slow because Apple must approve what they are doing in TestFlight (testing of the prototype).

MIT has not released information about when it will be ready. I expect it will be available sometime this year; later than sooner.

Yes, MIT is aware people like you contributed to the ios fund raiser. A problem is that the project is more difficult than the developers originally planned and they are still testing. Release of the ios version is taking much much longer than the developers originally anticipated. Once testing is finished, Apple then has to approve it. When it is ready, there probably will be a big announcement.