MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9.10

Hello everyone,

This release contains some bug fixes for issues identified in 0.9.9. If you encountered issues, please upgrade to this version. Here is the list of changes:

  • Fix an issue where lack of a default color on markers would crash the app
  • Refactor onboarding view layout
  • Implement the Rotation property for Map
  • Fix missing HTTP headers in GET requests
  • Fix app crash when setting Spinner.Elements in the blocks

Please continue to report issues so that we can track them. Thanks to everyone who has been reporting problems.

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


can you kindly give me the link to use MIT App Inventor for iOS?

There is no public release. the iOS version is tested by a lot of people at the moment. It only works with a special iOS companion at the moment so you can not build iOS apps.

could i participate in the beta test?
I've been using the app inventor on android for years now ...

As far as I remember there are enough betatesters at the moment.

I understand ... but I would be honored to be part of it if possible ...

Hello, I would have really liked to be able to test the beta version for iOS (0.9.10). I filled out the form without getting an answer. I would have liked to know if my application had been rejected or if it took longer. Thanking you. Kind regards