MIT App Inventor for iOS (project does not load)

The App for iOS never loads when I scan the qr code and I don't have an android sothis app was my only hope.

Are your computer and iPhone on the same network?

I second this problem. I'm an educator and have tried with multiple colleague's iphones, all on the same network, and the project never loads. I also tried with a colleague's android, which will open, so it's clearly an issue with the ios app. We have a full camp of kiddos joining us next week and we'd love to be able to use this app feature.

App Inventor 2 for ios does not

  • have access to all the features that can be used on Android devices. If it will not run on ios, use the emulator please; ios is not your only hope or borrow an Android cell whose service agreement has expired. Androids like this will work with wifi to build and run apps. :). This link illustrates the features that should be available for ios.
  • work with extensions
  • the ability to build an app yet. All apps must be run from the Companion.

Projects that are using controls that work on Android but ios are to be expected.

  • AI for ios will not build apps for download to other user's devices
  • the ios can be used successfully in your camp however someone who is teaching needs to be aware of what will and will not work on ios at the present time. You have to be realistic as MIT continues to test ios which still may have lots of bugs. What runs well in AI may not run at all in ios as developers are discovering.


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Well, sometimes public school networks tend to make trouble on this issue. Can you check it out on your home network? (You can also try to open a hotspot from the iPhone and connect the computer to it)

For the iOS version, you must have the computer and iOS device on the same network, and the firewall must allow the computer to talk to the iOS device using TCP on port 8004. You will also want to confirm that both devices can reach, which is the server that uses the QR code to negotiate the connection.


Thanks Evan!
That was the answer I was looking for!
I thought first that I can build the ipa file on the App Inventor web.

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The ability to build an IPA is currently in a closed beta. We're hoping to have it out in some form before the end of the summer. Keep an eye out and if you're interested in participated in the testing please let me know.


Error from Companion: error: undefined variable. (irritants: yail/

I see this error after connecting from my iphone.

Welcome Shashidar.

Sorry. App Inventor Projects for ios cannot contain (be used with) extensions, The error message indicates you are using LookExtension.

You possibly can run your Project on an Android device or using the emulator.

Do you think that in the future IOS will work with extension ? I´ve done my app for Android with extensions and I´ll be glad using it with IOS.Thanks