MIT App Inventor for iOS: Now on the App Store 🎉

Really awesome this app. It is bad rated on the Apple appstore, because people dont know for what it is created. I gave 5 stars (still wait to be published).
Now most of my project run on IOS. Really good work.

My wish for the future: Could you create an app for IOS and Android to run projects of our project list without code input. Just run a project of my account at appinventor (like Tnukable life).

Please explain this in more detail.

My wish: A MIT companion app with this functionality:
Open app. Log in with my account data for projects. Select one of my projects out of the list. Run the project.

This would avoid to always open the project in a browser. I could simply start running a project to show the project result to an audience (e.g. my students).


It is something we are considering implementing, but the normal use case for App Inventor typically includes usage on shared devices in a classroom, where having to switch accounts at the beginning of class is inconvenient for the teachers. There's also the case of that allows using App Inventor anonymously, so there's no account to tie the information to.

What is the status of this ? Any implementation date ?

Are you able to run standalone projects on iOS devices ?

How do you publish your projects . I only see an APK (android) build optionin MIT App Inventor 2 !!

The build functionality for ad hoc distribution is currently being tested in closed beta.

Is the plan to have it available in the next update 2.60.1?

I don't think this problem will be resolved for 2 months, so I think the answer is that you will have to wait a few more months.

The build infrastructure isn't tied to a particular companion version number. This is by design and it allows us to release some functionality since it's not tied to the companion review process.