MIT App Inventor for iOS 2.64.4 Generally Available

Hello App Inventors!

This update contains the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix an issue where creating instances with the Clock component may crash the app
  • Fix an issue that prevented the "min in list" and "max in list" blocks from working
  • Fix an issue with Maps defaulting to the Atlantic ocean
  • Fix an issue where LineStrings, Polygons, Rectangles, and Circles do not appear on the Map
  • Fix reseting of layout constraints when switching projects
  • Fix an issue where setting AlignHorizontal to Center would not actually center components
  • Fix an issue where HTML assets in projects may not load in a WebViewer
  • Make the TextToSpeech component stop speaking when switching screens
  • Add the Spreadsheet component
  • Add more layouts to the ListView component
  • Add DefaultFileScope to Screen
  • Add more features to the WebViewer component
  • Implement more blocks for the ListView component
  • Add support for the Barometer component
  • Add support for the MagneticFieldSensor component
  • Add support for the ProximitySensor component
  • Increase the contrast for the hint color on text boxes
  • Fix an issue where media could only be played once using the Player component
  • Fix an issue where large amounts of content in the ListView would be truncated rather than wrapped
  • Fix an issue where UTF-8 content would be misinterpreted in a Label when using the HTMLFormat option
  • Fix an issue where background images were tiled rather than stretched to fill the viewport
  • Fix an issue in the Spreadsheet component that caused the WriteColumn/WriteRow methods to append rather than overwrite data

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor


I still have a crash using the clock component with iOS 2.64.4

Here is my small test app:

TestClock.aia (1.7 KB)

Works OK on Android, crashes with iOS ?

Thanks for your support

I found the issue, I am using an unsupported feature of clock in iOS implementation
as described in: Does App Inventor Run on iOS Yet?

Is there is place to share issues, problems and solution when porting a working application to iOS?