MIT App Inventor File to Excel

So, I'm making and app that saves data and time from an accelerator and saves that data in an excel file. But I'm completely new to coding and I'm not that experienced with MIT App Inventor. I've already gotten the values to be saved to a TinyBD. But I don't have much of a clue on how to save them to a file and then transfer them. Any help is appreciated!

If you know Excel, then Google Sheets is a logical next step for you.

Search this board for FAQ Google Sheets

What kind of accelerator?

Are you searching for the next Higgs Boson?

That would need a whole different tool set.

Hello, sorry about the late response. The holiday season got me good. I'm actually sending accelerometer data from an Arduino Nano BLE with the help of the BLE extension. It's also important that I get it to Excel as opposed to sheets, but if I could have some insight on properly making cvs and importing then that would be great as well

CSV = Comma Separated Values, a text format.

How many columns per row?

Each row ends in \n and there is a comma between each column and the next.
Put quotes around text values to insure proper parsing.

AI2 can write to a text file, and other people on this board are proficient at getting text files out of Android.