MIT App Inventor Delete Account

Hi. I want to delete my account "".

Please see the instructions under "How do I delete my account?" in the FAQ.

When I press the "Delete Account" button, it only logs me out of my account, it does not delete my account.

It does delete your account, but if you go back to the system will just make a new one for you. We don't ask for any information about you up front (or ever, really, for that matter), so unlike other services you may have used in the past there isn't a "sign up" page, the account is just created.

This account has been deleted. Why was my account deleted?

You are referring to your account on AppInventor (not this community...) ?

Was this on the main server ?


Are you seeing the error message, "This account has been deleted"? Where are you seeing it?

When i try to log in

@JOSE_ALVAREZ Are you trying to log into the system at If so, we might be able to restore your account. If there is a different system giving you this error, please include a URL for where you are getting the message.

Yes trying to log in to this URL

Please send me a private message with the email address you used to register for that system.

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