Mit app inventor companion keeps crashing

Ok so I know that it crashes if too much strain is on it, for example, a loop with no way out of it, I'm making a game where a player clicks turkeys, and gets coins. when dying or restarting, you can go to the "Shop" which is a second screen, since global variables cant travel screens I used TinyDB's which worked with the code, after I added a thing where the price increases after buying the button in the shop, however, it came falling down, can someone please look over my code and tell me what I did wrong.
Rouge.aia (785.9 KB)

disable part of the blocks to check if app still crash. repeat this until find where is the problem.

Try this one: Rouge_2.aia (785.8 KB)

Thank you so much! What mistake did I make?

In various places on both screens:

thank you

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