Mit app inventor companion iPad or iOS error

Mit app inventor app blinking error on iPad or iOS. when will the app get updated as we cannot use the companion app.

It looks like you might be using an extension in your project. Extensions are not supported on iOS due to Apple App Store Review Guideline 2.5.2 whereby apps are not allowed to download and execute code not reviewed by App Store Review (which extensions are, by definition). This is likely a source of the flashing because App Inventor tries to instantiate the non-existent extension and fails. The error causes the website to retry the request, which still fails, indefinitely.


Remove extensions:

You are using extensions, they are written in Java and not the iOS language (Swift). So the companion is blinking.

And regardless of whether the extensions are written in Java or iOS Swift.
But of course extensions, if they are approved by Apple at some point, have to be written in Swift.

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