MIT App Inventor Companion App not loading

I am new to this app, and I have been trying to connect the AI companion. I load the projects from the templates, I go to Connect -->AI Companion, I open the app, the screen starts loading assets on my computer and it stops either at 50% or at 87%. Is there something which I am failing to do? Could it have do with privacy issues? I am trying to work on a MacBook Pro, using MacOS Monterey, loading from Safari, and the AI companion app is running on an iPhone11. Thank you!

In the meantime I have tried loading from Google Chrome and it still stops at 87%

Hello Vanessa

It could be the assets themselves - all images for example should be dimensioned close to the finished size in - App. Also, Use 24 bit colour when transparency is not required.

I am using the project templates for now - haven't even started creating! So I really don't know what it is that is wrong.

I have also tried various project templates and I am connected over the same Wifi.

Are the templates specific to iOS or were they created in Android? If in Android, they may contain something that iOS just doesn't 'understand'. An extension being a prime example.

Yes could be - let me check the projects.

Usually if the progress bar is stuck when transferring assets to iOS it is due to the fact that the network is blocking the connection. This tends to not be an issue on home networks but schools and corporate environments often block the way App Inventor does peer-to-peer connections on iOS.

I am on Eduroam network. Could it be the case?

...... you would need to ask the Technical Support for the Institution using the network. Given it's purpose, I would be surprised to see restrictions, but as Evan described, it does happen.

The goal is to have a future version of the iOS companion work on networks like eduroam, but the restrictions in place there are not compatible with how the companion works currently.

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Thank you all, I will check with IT Services here and see if we can somehow lift some restrictions. I would really like to try this out with some of our young students.